Our Mission

The revolution is here, and you can be a part of it right now; No more frustration because your fitness goals seem further away than the day you started, no more frustration because you can’t seem to maintain a stable number of clientele, no more blindly meeting a personal trainer or client who make interactions become completely awkward.

At ‘Hereforfitness’ we aim to completely transform the way people find personal trainers around the world. 

How it Works

By using a social media format, Personal trainers and aspiring trainers can register their own profiles, and look for clients or personal trainers within their immediate vicinity; clients can also list assignments, asking for specific requests, which a personal trainer can accept upon viewing the assignment.

This method of interaction will completely change the dynamics of the relationship between a personal trainer and a client, where they can interact before accepting assignments and get to know each other.

Who better to help you reach your goals than a good friend!